About this blog

During Lent in our benefice this year we will be running a blog each weekday on the theme of ‘Desert Journeys’. A variety of contributors from the parish and beyond will describe what the theme means to them, reflect on a story of someone else’s desert journey, or recommend some food – perhaps a poem, a Bible passage or a book – they have found useful to bring with them on their own journey.

If you would like to join in, you would be very welcome: please email your contribution to sophiaacland@gmail.com.

Only a few of us will have spent time in a real wilderness, but deserts come in many forms in people’s lives – times of change or dislocation where we may feel either the absence or the special presence of God. The desert is a place of ambiguity. It may hold danger or desolation, but also be a place where we find the space to encounter God.

As we follow Jesus into the desert we hope that Lent will be for us a time of discovery and of drawing closer to God.