About this blog

Is there a particular work of art that has helped you learn something new about God? A painting, piece of music or a poem that has made you see God in a new way? A time when you have been looking at a piece of art or listening to a song and God has seemed to speak through it?

If so, please do send a contribution to our Lent blog, which this year is focussing on meeting God through the arts. The arts can be a really helpful way of deepening our faith and of expressing things about God that words alone cannot. As we try to draw closer to God during Lent we will be sharing our experiences of meeting him through the arts in their widest sense. Every weekday during Lent we will post a short piece together with a picture or reproduction of the piece of art that has inspired it.

Please write around 200-300 words about your chosen artwork and what it means to you and send it to Sophia (sophiaacland@gmail.com) together with a copy of (or link to) the piece of art you are describing. It could be a painting, or a piece of music – classical or contemporary, a sculpture, a poem, a novel, a play, or a film, or any other artistic medium, and it doesn’t need to be a specifically religious piece of art – the more diverse the better.

Do join in!