Sacred space


Wednesday 28th March 2018



As we continue to travel through Lent, I have been challenged to embrace the need to give myself more quiet space to ask questions about ‘how am I doing?’, ‘is there enough time spent with my Heavenly Father?’; ‘do I stop speaking, enough for Him to impart wisdom and hope, to reflect on the God who formed us and to find a rest that He alone can give?’

Where is that place that I can find that silence and solitude, that is not too terrifying but can be used for God to grow me and find this rest?

Those who have studied the desert place, the place of silence and solitude have found that if we persevere, we will gain a deep contentment simply with God alone. I am amazed at the number of people who just drop into St George’s for that ‘quiet moment’. Both St George and St Cyr are open every day, so do use that sacred space. I have a long way to go to fully embrace the ‘desert place’, a time of silence and solitude instead choosing to chat and to ‘do’ but hope that you will hold me accountable to finding more of it. I wonder where you can best find that place where you gain deep contentment with the God who loves you so much, and rest in Him?

I hope that you will join us at our Easter services as we travel from darkness to light, from pain to joy, from death to life and discover a God who formed us, knows us and who alone can bring a rest that nothing else can bring. There is so much for us to reflect on: let us find a place to be quiet and find both ourselves and the God who formed us.

Fiona Crocker


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