‘A desert journey’ by Jun Munez



Thursday 22nd March 2018


‘A desert journey’ by Jun Munez

The merciless sun shone with beams unbearable,
Scorching vulnerable creatures underneath;
A man trekked down with baggage full,
Unmindful of the sun’s heat

Walk he must,
Stall he must not!

His feet sored with blisters so painful,
Shifting his gait from normal to unsteady;
His body damped with sweats immeasurable,
Draining him, all energy and vitality

Walk he must,
Stall he must not!

His eyes cried with tears unfathomable,
Blurring his sight on his trajectory;
His soul ached with sorrows soulful,
Crippling him, emotionally and physically.

Walk he must,
Stall he must not!

At last he found beyond the hazy horizon
An oasis; where he can rest upon,
His sored feet, his damped body
His crying eyes, his aching soul.

There in that place so blissful,
He took refuge; calling it a day.
Taking comfort body, soul and all,
Getting ready for yet another desert journey.

Life at its harshest times,
is a grueling desert journey.
Straining you; all strength and might,
Casting all your hopes out of sight.

But walk you must, and stall you must not,
For at the end of your ordeal,
Beyond that great somewhere,
A consoling oasis is waiting for you there.


I find this poem very moving.
Jesus is my Oasis.

Paula Gregory



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